Blackwater Cleanup

Call a pro after a category 3 (blackwater) loss. Category 1 water damage doesn’t pose a threat, it’s sanitary and can be consumed by humans or animals, but it can become contaminated if it’s in contact with other surfaces. Category 2 water damage is from dishwashers or washing machines or sources similar and can pose a risk.

Regular Household Procedures Won't Work

The regular cleanup procedures for a spill don’t apply here. A lot of sanitization and thorough cleaning is required for black water that seeps into porous materials around the place.

The longer it’s allowed to remain, the worse it can get. Even after drying the contaminants can remain unless properly disinfected.

Sources Of Blackwater

The source of blackwater can be from sewage, water contacting a contaminated area, and even just dirt accumulated in a water loss-affected area. Blackwater contains the most harmful and infectious diseases and contaminates.

Blackwater Can Pose Serious Health Concerns

Health Concerns Include:

  • Gastrointeintistal infections
  • Skin rashes
  • Infection Hepatitis
  • Dysentery
  • Respiratory symptoms


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