We’re Ready

We are a 24/7 emergency firm that has procedures in place to deal with any situation and act autonomously in case of a lockdown. We have on call teams ready to mobilize at moment’s notice. We have a one call – one point of contact policy, making it easy for our clients to concentrate their efforts on their business and managing their customers and clients in this high stress environment. A & O Contracting has a disposal division that can dispose of biohazardous waste in house.

We helped universities, healthcare institutions, and businesses fight SARS. Now we’re ready for COVID-19.

A & O Contracting Inc. is an IICRC certified disaster restoration company with extensive experience in Infection control and Biohazard cleanup in healthcare facilities. Our workers are certified in infection control procedures and the use of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Along with the experts in the field of environmental sciences, we have developed protocols for infection control, preventative cleaning and decontamination. Using the experienced we gained from similar outbreaks such as SARS in 2003, and our in-depth experience in working with healthcare facilities, we can provide the most comprehensive cleaning and decontamination services for our clients

About COVID-19

About COVID-19: COVID 19 is short for Coronavirus disease 2019. The first outbreak of this disease was identified in Wuhan, China. It is currently recognized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The virus spreads similar to influenza, via respirator droplets from coughing. Although the droplets are only suspended in the air for a short period of time, but they can stick to surfaces and – if similar to other coronaviruses- can survive and be contagious up to 9 days under room temperature. Disinfection of surfaces is therefore recommended if a person exhibiting symptoms comes into contact with them. Increasing the frequency of cleaning in public places can help manage the spread of infection. Airborne spread is not believed to be a major driver of transmission; however, it can be envisaged if certain Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures (AGMP) are conducted in medical facilities

Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures include:

  • Positive pressure ventilation (BiPAP & CPAP)
  • Airway suctioning
  • Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

Symptoms of COVID-19 are non-specific and the disease presentation can range from no symptoms to severe pneumonia and death. The most commonly reported symptoms are fever, dry cough and fatigue.

Practicing proper hand and respiratory hygiene can help minimize the risk of transmission of the virus. Social distancing measures are also recommended. Masks are not recommended for most people. Surgical masks are not designed to protect the wearer from aerosols. They are designed to protect others from the wearer. Respirators, however, are effective in limiting exposure.

Facilities with a high risk of contamination such as hospitals, universities, schools and other public spaces can reduce the risk of transmission of the virus by being proactive in cleaning and disinfecting. If your facility had a recent exposure of 2019-nCoV, it is essential that proper decontamination is carried out before it is repopulated. Droplets carrying the virus can settle onto horizontal surfaces, which can then be transmitted to people via surface contact. Door handles, light switches, elevator switches, handrails, and escalator rails are also high-risk areas. The virus is believed to be able to survive and be contagious for up to 9 days in room temperature.

Once exposed, the building should be evacuated as soon as possible. We use proper containment to isolate the suspected area to prevent the spread into other areas. Our environmental experts will then assess the area. A project specific decontamination plan will then be created to address the specific need for each facility. The management and the stakeholders will be kept informed at every step of the way. We have state of the art reporting systems that can automatically update on our progress.


A&O Contracting COVID-19 Readiness

A & O Contracting Inc. is in constant communication with experts in the field to develop safe work practices and procedures that helps us limit the possibility of exposure to the 2019 novel Coronavirus and keep our employees, operations and customers safe. We are implementing the following practices at our workplaces: