Health and Safety Policy

A&O Contracting Inc. Health and Safety Policy

The management and directors of A&O Contracting Inc. are committed to providing and maintaining a safe work environment. We will review and update our occupational health and safety program on a regular basis.

A&O Contracting Inc. will ensure that individuals working on A&O Contracting Inc. project sites will have adequate training, experience, and the resources available to carry out his/her duties competently.

Our Construction Safety Policy includes the following:

  • Work will be conducted in accordance with all municipal, provincial, and federal regulatory requirements on our premises and project sites.

  • For each project, a thorough risk assessment will be conducted prior to commencement by a competent individual or entity.

  • No project will be undertaken until an adequate health and safety plan has been designed.

  • All project managers, supervisors, and other employees will receive adequate training to conduct his/her daily functions safely.

  • No project will commence until all employees have been adequately informed regarding potential hazards present, preventative measures, and requirements regarding personal protective equipment.

  • Each project will be provided with equipment and tools that are in good working order to perform the project safely.

  • Where required, an independent competent person or entity will be appointed to assist A&O Contracting Inc. with the implementation of this program.


We operate 24 hours 7 days a week. Our emergency line is available anytime. 

We work with all major insurance providers in Canada and we ensure fast response times and customized reporting to all insurance providers.

We’re completely bonded with complete commercial insurance coverage.

We have an on-call health and safety contact and a thorough reporting system.

We’re COR registered and working towards a complete certification.

We’re an IICRC certified company with WRT/FSRT and several other technicians on hand.

We’ve developed a large roster of services throughout our 22 years in business.

We dealt with many large facilities over the years and have seen it all. Chances are we’ve already come across it, but if we haven’t, we are used to coming up with a solution.

Hazardous or non-hazardous waste? We are ready to drop our roll-off bins on-site anytime.

We don’t need to wait on anything, our equipment, tools, and crew area all in-house and at your disposal.